12 September 2013

A famine for hearing the words of the Lord

Author: Anonym

A couple of weeks ago, while advertising an upcoming Bible study to my local church, I referred to the old analogy of the word of God being like the ocean, with us never venturing deeper than paddling in the shallows. How accurate is this analogy? I believe that it gives most Christians far too much credit... most prefer to not even get their feet wet! Are we in the age predicted by Amos (Amos 8:11-12)? Are we staggering about searching for the word of the Lord and not finding it? Perhaps we need a sea-change (excuse the pun!)

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29 August 2013

Chapter and Verse

Is there a "best practice" for reading the Bible?

Author: Anonym

I often tell people, especially those in the Bible study classes that I teach, that they should read a book of the Bible in one sitting (if short) or straight through, as they would a novel, and ignore the chapters and verses. Why is this important?

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